Our Team


Mary Keneally

With a positive mind and open heart we achieve success.

The owner and founder of Nexcycle Studio. Mary believes that everything you are seeking exists within and she pushes you through the electrifying beat to conquer your physical and emotional challenges to truly find your EDGE!!!!

Guilty Pleasure

Wine & Cheese.


Kathy Keenan

If you don’t have a plan...it’s just a wish.

Kathy's is a NexCycle partner who is a firm believer in perseverance and taking control of your health and fitness at any stage of one's life. Her workouts promises to leave you feeling the benefits days later.  

Guilty Pleasure
A pale pink Grey Goose Cosmo with fresh lime and cointreau (never triple sec).

Chris Koch

James Remien

Hard work yields the best results always

      Stacie Todaro

Open yourself up to the possibility that the best part of life is yet to happen.

Stacie came to Nexcycle with over 20 years of experience in teaching fitness classes.. She brings her passion for music and fitness in to every class. Expect to have fun, be  entertained, get a killer workout and walk away feeling like you can conquer anything that is thrown your way! Stacie has a "no negativity" rule and empowers everyone to feel strong, healthy and lead a positive lifestyle while having fun.


Francine Ingoglia

Inhale courage, exhale fear

Guilty Pleasure

White wine and rainbow cookies

Chris Koch

Wake up, workout, kick ass, repeat!”

Chris brings a unique style to NexCycle. With his background as a Physician's assistant in cardiac surgery he is sure to get your heart pumping. His hardcore music combined with his sense of humor and passion for fitness will certainly leave you with a great workout!

Guilty Pleasure

Riding Harley's and getting tattoo's.

Emily Marino


Guilty Pleasure

Wine & cheese

Ali Simonelli

The distance between your dreams and reality is called action

Ali has always had a passion for health and fitness. After she became a client at NexCycle, she discovered a new passion for cycling and strength training. Now a mom of three boys, and an instructor, she hopes her own dedication, hard work and determination to be physically and mentally fit will help others achieve and surpass their own goals. 

Guilty Pleasure

Tacos and Tequila